DIY, Do it Yourself Home Renovation Consulting

Architect Checking Insulation During House ConstructionMany home owners have the skills to renovate their own homes. They may just lack some of the the skills needed to complete say a bathroom renovation. from electrical to plumbing to carpentry I can consult you on your next project. I can help you put all the pieces together, and be there to whatever extent you need me to be there. If you just want to get a solid plan together I charge 100$ for the initial consultation where I’ll find out your needs and develop a plan on paper, and give you cost estimates for the project. If the client would like me to be there through the process from doing demo to putting the last fixtures in the room. I charge 240$ a day/ or 30$ an hour.

Doing it yourself is obviously a cost effective way to get a project done in your home. It’s also very rewarding to see a vision come to fruition by your own hands. I can save my clients thousands of dollars by knowing the building code and the normal pitfalls associated with doing renovations yourself. I’m like the DIY guys and gals on the boob-tube, except that i’m the real deal!


The Andrews Family of Monroe NC

Powell and Valerie Andrews own a 1980s brick two story home with a converted garage space into living space. The master bedroom is located in the area of the home. Their laundry room is connected to an outdated bathroom across the hall from master bedroom. The couple wanted to separate this space and create a master bath. They had rotten floor joists, verified by a pre inspection by myself, under the outdated shower. We fully gutted the bathroom part , salvaged what could in the laundry, and annexed some hall space into the bath to add more room. I helped Powell 1 day a week for a few months with demo, floor structure, electrical, plumbing, drywall, and installation of tub. Once we had gotten to the finish work, he felt comfortable with the aesthetic parts of this job, and finished the job himself. Here are some pics.